About CST

CST has an excellent understanding of RESPs. In fact, we focus solely on education savings— the conduit through which we help make higher learning financially possible for all Canadian children.

Since 1960, CST has been helping to fulfill the dreams of a post-secondary education for Canadian residents while offering peace of mind to their customers along with way —never once losing a cent of our customers’ principal. With over 280,000 Canadian families investing with us today, and $3.9 billion in assets under management, CST’s record speaks for itself.


About CST Inspired Minds Careers 2030

Inspired Minds is CST’s newest initiative to help guide Canada’s education and professional pathways into the future. In our exploration of how our current education and careers landscape may evolve, we aim to provide a vision of a ‘Canada of the Future’— one in which CST is at the forefront of innovation in the global career marketplace. We aim to inspire enthusiasm and preparation in Canada’s future learners and their parents through a new perspective.

As part of the Inspired Minds initiative, we give Canadians a sneak peek into the promising future of Canada’s professional horizon through Careers 2030. CST partnered with futurists to imagine a job fair of the future by examining social, technological, economic, and environmental changes occurring today. Leaders in their respective fields also contributed their thoughts on the current state of their industries, how they might change, and what students can do to prepare for those changes.


About RESPs

A Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) is a savings vehicle that allows subscribers such as parents, grandparents, friends and other relatives to save for your child or other beneficiary’s post-secondary education. The cost of post-secondary education is rising dramatically. At the same time, today’s job market demands higher learning and specialized skills. An RESP is a smart, safe way to proactively save money towards your child’s education so that when they’re ready to study, you’ll be ready to help pay for it.

The constant flux of the economy has lent a similar volatility to post-secondary education. The necessity of new professions is growing by day; as a result, new and relevant skills need to be taught. In using a RESP, you open your child up to benefits such as government grants and tax-deferred growth, unavailable through other means of saving.



About Our Program Partners

CST Inspired Minds Careers 2030 is about reinvigorating both present and future generations in how they see, prepare, and imagine themselves in the workplaces of tomorrow.

Luckily, we’re not alone in this objective. Inspired Minds Careers 2030 wouldn’t have been possible without the support of corporate partners and sponsors.

Subject Matter Experts

Our subject matter experts are a group of Canadian thinkers, leaders, and doers renowned for their contributions to their chosen sector that we have partnered with to co-create ‘partner articles’ for the Careers 2030 program.


Media Partners

Our print and media partners, TC Media and Canadian Living, work with us to spread the word about the CST Inspired Minds Learning Project to communities across Canada, raising awareness to local steps to action.


Marketing Partners

Our marketing partners also help us spread the word through their respective marketing platforms. Like CST, our co-marketing partners are committed to positive change in local communities across Canada, with a focus on young children.