Video game jobs of the future

The Future of Game Design

by Matt Rix
As a self-employed game developer, I mostly do programming, game design, and graphic design when the games require it. After college, I worked for five years as a Flash developer making advertising mini-sites and mini-games. In my spare time, I created Trainyard, an iPhone game. It eventually ended up being ... Read More

The Future of Aboriginal Youth Outreach

by Anja Jeffrey
Aboriginal youth in Canada’s North experience a number of real physical and emotional challenges. Like most youth, Aboriginal youth are also regularly confronted with peer pressure, parental expectations, and school-related issues. One cannot talk about youth wellness without talking about their future. How are Aboriginal youth going to make a ... Read More

The Future of Food Research

by Dr. Lenore Newman
I love my job, but it's no picnic—except when I am studying a Newfoundland boil-up, a prairie chuckwagon breakfast, or a West Coast clambake! As a professor who studies food, I travel widely and spend long hours researching and writing. I do spend time in front of a classroom, but ... Read More

The Future of Business Development

by Will Novosedlik
Business development is about matching the products or services that your company offers to a set of unmet human needs. My job is not to do the work; it’s to go out and find it. So first rule is knowing the value of what you’re selling, and who you’re selling ... Read More

The Future of Lighting Design

by Itai Erdal
The industry today isn’t the same as it was years ago. In the next 10 to 20 years, there will be better lighting boards and better lights. LEDs are slowly taking over. There are obvious advantages: they are very small and they don’t get warm so you can hide them ... Read More

The Future of Technology Startups

by Marcus Daniels
Tell us about your role. I'm the Managing Director of Extreme Startups, which blends leading a venture backed operating company focused on changing the startup accelerator/incubator market and investing in amazing founders, where I accelerate their venture's growth over an intense four month cycle. How did you get to where ... Read More

The Future of International Aid Work

by Steve Dennis
I have worked as a humanitarian aid worker for over ten years in countries in conflict. I strongly believe in aid work because I think people suffering from a crisis have the right to assistance in order to survive until the situation improves. There are challenges to this work, and ... Read More

The Future of Finding Great Work

by Larry Smith
When I began, there were three categories of jobs. The majority of the jobs were reasonable jobs, with reasonable income, reasonable challenge, reasonable conditions under which you would work. And then there were a few excellent jobs; dream jobs. On the other end of the spectrum were the horrifying jobs, ... Read More

The Future of Biotech Research

by Calvin Stiller
Historically, medicine was a very hierarchical system where the doctor was at the top of the pyramid, and everyone else was below that. That has changed dramatically in both competence and authority, opening up potential ways of contribution that are both meaningful and professional; ways that 20 years ago, few ... Read More

The Future of Culinary Arts

by David Hawksworth
Please tell us about your role and how you got to where you are today. I am the Owner & Chef of Hawksworth Restaurant and Bel Café in Vancouver. I got to this point in my career by learning on the job and consistently being determined. I started off in ... Read More

The Future of Anatomical Research

by Tim Wilson
To be completely frank, I was never trained for the job I have, or the research I now conduct. It simply didn’t exist 10 years ago. I was always interested in how anatomy and neurological stuff worked. How in the heck our functions could be controlled so nicely inside this ... Read More

The Future of Multimedia Design

by Alex Kurina
Tell us about your field. I work in graphic design, motion design, broadcast design, branding, and interactive design. I went to Ryerson for New Media, which is a fine arts program. ‘New media’ is a mildly problematic term. From a fine arts context, I think it means new forms or ... Read More