Technology in Sports: Shaping the Game and Jobs of the Future

by Christine Sinclair
On the surface, soccer may not seem like a very high-tech sport. After all, all you need is a ball, a pair of cleats and shin guards.  It seems like it should be pretty simple. But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that technology (especially on the professional ... Read More

Q&A: The Future of Urban Farming

What is urban farming? People have grown food where they live since the beginning of agricultural practices 10,000 years ago. In many places around the world, cultivating crops and animals in a town or city still contributes a large amount to local food sources. Urban agriculture takes many forms: in ... Read More

Q&A: The Future of Aerospace Engineering

by Iain Christie
What appealed to you about physics, and motivated you to explore aerospace engineering? I was attracted to physics because it was about discovering the underlying causes of how things work. Physics is about trying to find the kernel of a pattern, and then applying it to another situation to see ... Read More

The Future of Energy Resources and Technologies

by Mohamad Sabsabi
Mining—and in association, oil sands—makes up 3–4% of our economy, employing 350,000 people in direct jobs. From that perspective, it’s a big sector for the Canadian economy. The industry will continue to grow, and is expected to grow. In addition to growth, there will be change. The mining sector is ... Read More

Are Paperless Textbooks the Future?

by Marjorie Cullen
Textbooks tend to be expensive, mostly because their content is very specialized and the number of potential buyers (students) is much smaller than the average mass-market bestseller. When faced with the prospect of shelling out big bucks for textbooks, having the option of saving money by purchasing ebooks versions of ... Read More

Can Technology Help Us Learn?

by Marjorie Cullen
When it comes to answering the question “Can Technology Help Us Learn?”, identify how technology can work against learning is a good place to start because understanding what doesn’t work can help us discover what does. Students are expected to learn and apply a vast amount of information. Any technology ... Read More

Big Data is Reshaping Marketing

by Marjorie Cullen
In 2030, the use of predictive analytics (the art of using information to predict future actions) in marketing will be vastly more sophisticated.  We “consume” (eat, drink or use) many products and services every day.  As the average person goes through their life, some of their purchases are easy to ... Read More

Will Robots Rob our Kids of Jobs?

by Marjorie Cullen
The exponential growth of computing power combined with digitalization* has enabled the creation of technology that is turning science fiction into today’s reality.    This new reality is embodied not only in our devices but also in robots and other types of computers that are slowly replacing humans on manufacturing production ... Read More

Seven Strategies for Overcoming a Tough Job Market

by Karen Thomson
High youth unemployment means career seekers need to know what employers value most With college and university students worried about their post-graduation job outlook in an intensely competitive market, it’s never been more critical that they know how to separate themselves from the competition. In a comprehensive survey, George Brown ... Read More