The terrestrial farm of the future will have trees and shrubs growing among crop plants to create beneficial micro-climates.  Solar-powered drip irrigation will deliver water directly to the roots of plants, avoiding the run-off that carries away valuable soil, nutrients and fertilizers today.  Intercropping (planting two or more non-competing crops ... Read More

Integrated Roofing Systems Designer

In 2030, much more will be expected of roofs on buildings than just keeping the rain and snow out and the heat and air conditioning in. Roofs of the future will use gardens as eco-friendly insulation, have solar panels to increase energy efficiency and/or earn income for the building’s owner, ... Read More


From today’s perspective, it seems that our lives are becoming more and more global: we’re ordering products online from other countries, using power from hundreds of kilometres away, and eating food from all over the world. However, other trends are pulling us back to our local communities. In 2030, communities ... Read More


The old name for this job was ‘farmer’. However, the role of the rewilder is not to raise food crops, as this is done more and more in highly efficient skyscraper-like greenhouses known as vertical farms. The rewilder’s job is to undo environmental damage to the countryside caused by people, factories, ... Read More


Every developed country needs plumbers. While the job is not overly glamorous, it’s still a trade where you can make a great living and be proud of the impact that you have on people’s quality of life. In 2030, the plumber’s job will still involve building, installing, and maintaining the ... Read More

Agricultural Work Permit Recruiter

By 2030, many Canadians will have left jobs in agriculture for other careers. As a result, Canada’s farming sector will be under pressure to find new workers. De-mographics in the developing world demonstrate that in many places, the workforce is young—and eager for new opportunities. This new system for finding, ... Read More

Aquaponic Fish Farmer

In 2030, populations of wild fish are disappearing, even though more people are relying on fish as a healthy source of protein. Instead of giving up this food, new production methods like aquaponics will step in to replace fish that we can no longer catch in the wild. Aquaponics combines ... Read More

Urban Farmer

In order to bring humans closer to the food they eat, people are trying to bring farming to the city. However, since cities are crowded and short on space, there isn’t room for traditional farms. Urban greenhouse farming offers one potential solution, by building large farming projects in high-rise buildings. ... Read More