Purchase Prediction Analyst

By 2030, Big Data (the masses of information generated by our activity online) will take the power of predictive analytics (the art of using information to predict future actions) and its role in marketing products and services to a whole new level by creating opportunities to understand the needs of ... Read More

Fashion Designer

In 2030, the world of fashion will explore new forms of expression and creativity using conductive textiles (fabric that conducts energy) and wearable technology. We’re already seeing interest in clothing and accessories that use data from our bodies—like heart rate and brain wave activity—to translate as expressions of our emotions. ... Read More


The nostalgist is an interior designer specializing in recreating memories for retired people. Rather than settling for a typical ‘retirement village’ experience where everyone’s apartment looks the same, the wealthy elderly of 2030 will have the luxury of living in a space inspired by their favourite decade. Nostalgists recreate the ... Read More


Advances in biochemistry have led to the use of new ingredients in skin care products and procedures. Aestheticians are the skilled guides who help navigate these new services. They help their clients to understand their unique skin types, so they can purchase the most suitable products. Technological advances will allow ... Read More

Arctic Adventure Guide

The Arctic adventure business is booming. Now that the Northwest Passage is open, tour ships regularly travel to remote places such as Baffin Island. Your job as an arctic adventure guide will be to provide a rugged and exciting outdoors experience in these remote locations, while ensuring the safety of your travellers. ... Read More

Art Museum Curator

A museum curator cares for a museum’s art collection. The museum curator is responsible for researching, building, and preserving the collection, acquiring new works through purchase or donation, researching and organizing exhibitions, and writing exhibition catalogues. Curators partner with designers to create the exhibition’s layout and work with educators to help explain the art to the ... Read More


The art of dance has not changed in thousands of years, but three new developments are making big waves in this ancient art form. The first is low or zero-gravity dance, made possible by the new space tourism industry. The second is robotics, which means that expert and tireless partners ... Read More