Big Data Analyst

Every time people buy a book from Amazon, log into social media, or open the fridge to get a glass of milk, they also create a little bit of information about their behaviour, preferences, and overall identity. When all of this information is collected, the result is big data. Turning ... Read More

Early Childhood Educator

The number of working parents in Canada has risen. Early childhood educators (ECE) are the valuable partners who care for and teach young children during the day while their parents are at work. During these important developmental years, caring, patient, and dedicated educators are needed to help children acquire vital ... Read More

School Nutritionist

By 2030, the practice of keeping close tabs on your own personal health will be the norm. Today, we have the early versions of tools that help us to identify the foods, exercises, and habits that keep us feeling at our best. In the context of the schools of 2030, ... Read More


From novels and textbooks to reading clubs and guest lectures, libraries play an important part of our communities. As more people distribute and access information through the Internet, libraries will need to become more than buildings that house information. Already, libraries are becoming more connected to their surrounding communities, hosting ... Read More

Curriculum Standards Officer

In theory, a standard public school system means that every child has the same opportunity for excellence. However, we know that children have different learning styles, attention spans, set of interests, and areas where they excel. In 2030, educators recognize that teaching the standard lessons may mean that some students ... Read More

Residence Manager

Canadian house prices have risen for years, and many homes are simply not affordable for 2030’s younger families. Many young people are choosing to purchase a larger home to share with extended family or friends. These new types of buildings—co-houses—contain offices, laundry and party facilities, kids’ play-rooms, and often some ... Read More


The world is changing quickly, and we will need bright and creative teachers to make sure young people have the skills and knowledge to become flexible, lifelong learners. Teachers in 2030 will go beyond their classrooms, taking lessons out into the world. They will use technology to enhance learning by connecting students ... Read More