Digital Currency Advisor

Money is no longer strictly controlled by governments. As a result, there are now many variations of currency depending on what you need them for: saving, trading, buying or selling.  For example, Bitcoin, a digital currency not tied to a country, and its descendants have opened up financial services and ... Read More

Residence Manager

Canadian house prices have risen for years, and many homes are simply not affordable for 2030’s younger families. Many young people are choosing to purchase a larger home to share with extended family or friends. These new types of buildings—co-houses—contain offices, laundry and party facilities, kids’ play-rooms, and often some ... Read More


In 2030, accountants will still be providing the same service they always have—helping their clients, people and businesses keep their finances in order and understand how they are managing financially. Tomorrow’s accountants will need to have a solid grasp of the numbers, but a familiarity with international business structures will ... Read More