Furniture Refurbishing Technician

In the past, cheap oil and lower wages in developing economies had drastically reduced the cost of many consumer products – to the point where the cost of repairing or refurbishing an item was usually much more than the cost of simply replacing it.   This cost equation even applied to ... Read More

Recyclable Design Specialist

"If you don't look at the recycling when you're designing the product, then it's really, really difficult to recycle."* In 2030, manufacturers will no longer approach recycling programs as a cost to their business.   Mindful that they will have to pay in the future for the recycling of the components ... Read More

Integrated Roofing Systems Designer

In 2030, much more will be expected of roofs on buildings than just keeping the rain and snow out and the heat and air conditioning in. Roofs of the future will use gardens as eco-friendly insulation, have solar panels to increase energy efficiency and/or earn income for the building’s owner, ... Read More

Fashion Designer

In 2030, the world of fashion will explore new forms of expression and creativity using conductive textiles (fabric that conducts energy) and wearable technology. We’re already seeing interest in clothing and accessories that use data from our bodies—like heart rate and brain wave activity—to translate as expressions of our emotions. ... Read More

Makeshift Structure Engineer

3D printing is not just for coffee cups and key chains anymore. By 2030, people with strong industrial design and engineering skills will be able to step in to provide temporary buildings for people in emergency situations: a natural disaster, an armed conflict, or a widespread medical outbreak. 3D printing ... Read More


Every developed country needs plumbers. While the job is not overly glamorous, it’s still a trade where you can make a great living and be proud of the impact that you have on people’s quality of life. In 2030, the plumber’s job will still involve building, installing, and maintaining the ... Read More

Agile Supply Chain Worker

Welcome to the Project Economy! Products aren’t made, packaged and stored in one place anymore. They’re built in pieces all over the world, and the parts, packaging and people come together in many different ways. To keep up, Project-ready companies need people who constantly scout out new sources for materials ... Read More

Garbage Designer

Environmental damage and the build up of landfills (places where garbage is dumped) have made recycling a norm. However, recycling relies on the idea that the things that we make will inevitably create waste. A new form of recycling that will likely become popular in 2030 is ‘upcycling’. Upcycling is ... Read More

Biofilm Installer

Imagine if garbage wasn’t collected on a weekly basis and people had to deal with it all on their own. While this may sound like a crazy idea today, in 2030 technologies may exist that allow people to process sewage and waste right at home. This is made possible through ... Read More