Canada Online Coach

Today, Google Maps and Google Earth are already changing how we see and understand distant places. By 2030, maps will come alive with numerous virtual figures. Canada Online will be a high-resolution online community where potential immigrants and visitors can spend time in a multiplayer version of Canada. Combining virtual ... Read More

Police Officer

Law enforcement doesn’t resemble Robocop in 2030, but technology continues to play an important role in policing. Developments in surveillance, data management techniques, and investigative tools require new police academy graduates to have an interest and skill for working with technologies in a way that combines with the need to ... Read More

Insurance Product Manager

It’s a risky world out there, and the more that risk can be spread out, the better things can be for everyone. Insurance gives people the opportunity to pool their resources so that, if one or more of them run into trouble, they are able to rely on the rest ... Read More

Early Childhood Educator

The number of working parents in Canada has risen. Early childhood educators (ECE) are the valuable partners who care for and teach young children during the day while their parents are at work. During these important developmental years, caring, patient, and dedicated educators are needed to help children acquire vital ... Read More


The pharmacists of 2030 have greatly expanded their services. In addition to dispensing medicine, they also perform health counselling that contributes to the overall well-being of their patients.   Pharmacists will gain importance as they collaborate with community healthcare providers to ensure a healthy population. As Canada’s population continues to ... Read More

School Nutritionist

By 2030, the practice of keeping close tabs on your own personal health will be the norm. Today, we have the early versions of tools that help us to identify the foods, exercises, and habits that keep us feeling at our best. In the context of the schools of 2030, ... Read More

Residence Manager

Canadian house prices have risen for years, and many homes are simply not affordable for 2030’s younger families. Many young people are choosing to purchase a larger home to share with extended family or friends. These new types of buildings—co-houses—contain offices, laundry and party facilities, kids’ play-rooms, and often some ... Read More

Neighbourhood Watch Officer

Drones (remote controlled flying devices that don’t have human pilots) used to only be operated by the military. In 2030, advances in technology will have made drones popular and commonly used by people for everything from shipping shoes purchased online to dropping off medicine. The popularity of drones will transform ... Read More