Insurance Product Manager

It’s a risky world out there, and the more that risk can be spread out, the better things can be for everyone. Insurance gives people the opportunity to pool their resources so that, if one or more of them run into trouble, they are able to rely on the rest ... Read More

Office Operations Manager

Running a business requires the participation of a lot of people. Each person can play a different role in the smooth function of an office, from the executive with an inspirational vision, to the office operations manager who ensures that everyday operations run smoothly.   The roles of office operations ... Read More

Online Community Manager

On the web, the distinction between journalist and audience is becoming blurry. Con-tent found on online news sites is increasingly created by both staff writers and community members. Some major media outlets are beginning to understand that commenters and readers add real value, and are including the best comments as ... Read More


Every developed country needs plumbers. While the job is not overly glamorous, it’s still a trade where you can make a great living and be proud of the impact that you have on people’s quality of life. In 2030, the plumber’s job will still involve building, installing, and maintaining the ... Read More

Print Shop Manager

People increasingly expect that objects, furniture, and clothes that their online personas (known as avatars) have should also be available to them in the real world. People also want to take meaningful personal items from the real world and bring them into the virtual world. The print shop manager makes ... Read More

Personal Web Manager

Forget diamonds; the Internet is the new forever. From silly message board contributions to more serious problems like identity fraud, an individual’s personal reputation is still shaped by their presence on the Internet. This also leaves them vulnerable to many issues beyond their personal control. The personal web manager takes ... Read More

Digital Memorialist

People may die, but data doesn’t. Collecting and managing the enormous digital legacy of people is not an easy task. The digital memorialist works with surviving loved ones after someone dies to determine which aspects of a deceased person’s online identity should live on. It takes twenty years to make ... Read More

SmartCube Technician

While transporting goods on large ships may not be something we think about, 90% of the trade in today’s world travels by sea. That means that most of what we buy, from cars and electronics to furniture and clothing arrives in Canada via a ship. The biggest issues for shipping ... Read More

Agile Supply Chain Worker

Welcome to the Project Economy! Products aren’t made, packaged and stored in one place anymore. They’re built in pieces all over the world, and the parts, packaging and people come together in many different ways. To keep up, Project-ready companies need people who constantly scout out new sources for materials ... Read More

Media Remixer

DJs (disc jockeys) used to help us discover and listen to music while VJs (video jockeys) used to present music videos. In 2030, these roles will have to make room for the media remixer who mixes and combines a variety of media from across time to create one-of-a-kind products or ... Read More