Organic Voltaics Engineer

To the average person, the word “organic” means naturally-sourced and healthful.  In the world of chemistry, “organic” means any molecule that contains carbon atoms – including quite a few chemicals that should not be eaten, breathed-in or rubbed on your skin.   The work of an Organic Voltaics Engineer embraces a ... Read More

Renewable Energy Engineer

In 2030, Canada will continue to build on its energy generation capacities. Current energy projects are focused on oil and natural gas, but Canada also has a lot of room to expand into producing sustainable energy. Moving into 2030 and beyond, we will begin to build extensive wind and tidal ... Read More

Ecosystem Auditor

An ecosystem is a group of living things, like plants and animals, and non-living things, like air and water. The ecosystems that surround us provide us with all the materials that we need to survive: oxygen, water, soil for growing crops, and so on. Human communities can have a significant ... Read More

Police Officer

Law enforcement doesn’t resemble Robocop in 2030, but technology continues to play an important role in policing. Developments in surveillance, data management techniques, and investigative tools require new police academy graduates to have an interest and skill for working with technologies in a way that combines with the need to ... Read More

Office Operations Manager

Running a business requires the participation of a lot of people. Each person can play a different role in the smooth function of an office, from the executive with an inspirational vision, to the office operations manager who ensures that everyday operations run smoothly.   The roles of office operations ... Read More


Every developed country needs plumbers. While the job is not overly glamorous, it’s still a trade where you can make a great living and be proud of the impact that you have on people’s quality of life. In 2030, the plumber’s job will still involve building, installing, and maintaining the ... Read More

Residence Manager

Canadian house prices have risen for years, and many homes are simply not affordable for 2030’s younger families. Many young people are choosing to purchase a larger home to share with extended family or friends. These new types of buildings—co-houses—contain offices, laundry and party facilities, kids’ play-rooms, and often some ... Read More

SmartCube Technician

While transporting goods on large ships may not be something we think about, 90% of the trade in today’s world travels by sea. That means that most of what we buy, from cars and electronics to furniture and clothing arrives in Canada via a ship. The biggest issues for shipping ... Read More

Carbon Capture Technician

Excess greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have been the main cause of global climate change. While many industries and communities have reduced their carbon emissions (think hybrid cars and energy efficient fridges), capturing the emissions that we’ve already made will become a lucrative new industry. Carbon capture technicians will use ... Read More

Mining Resource Specialist

Certain long-standing industries such as mining and natural gas will experience significant changes by 2030, as these resources start to run out. This means that natural resource extraction might change in form. Mining might shift and we may begin ‘mine’ our landfills (the sites where we store waste), in order ... Read More

Auto-Transport Analyst

In 2011, over 80% of Canadians live, work and play in cities. More and more people have moved to the city, increasing dependence on public transportation. These transportation systems require enormous financial commitments to build, maintain, and operate. Vehicle operator salaries are a significant part of transportation costs. As self-driving ... Read More

Solar Technology Specialist

Solar technology (converting sunlight into electricity) is set to transform the way we power our world. Futurists have calculated that in 112 hours—that’s less than five days—the sun provides as much energy as is contained in all proven reserves of oil, coal, and natural gas on Earth. Capturing this massive ... Read More