By 2030, Big Data (the masses of information generated by our activity online) will take the power of predictive analytics (the art of using information to predict future actions) and its role in marketing products and services to a whole new level by creating opportunities to understand the needs of individual consumers and serve them in a much more personally relevant way.   Sophisticated and highly targeted marketing media will be delivered online directly to potential customers so that it is easy for them to virtually experience and purchase products and services that meet their needs in a way that is consistent with their preferences and the emotions they wish to experience as part of their desired lifestyle.  Learn more about how Big Data is Reshaping Marketing.

Big Data Wranglers will use information technology to capture, sort and curate all that information in a way that will make it usable by marketing professionals.  Big Data Wranglers will work with Purchase Prediction Analysts.  The depth and richness of data available to Purchase Prediction Analysts will be the starting point for creating multi-variant profiles of potential customers along with their predicted purchase sequences.  This information will help Multi-Marketers matching customer profiles to products and services that will meet the needs and preferences of those customers on very personalized, individual level.

Big Data Wranglers will also gather and curate response data (including views and shares of marketing media, interaction with applications, purchases and other types of feedback) resulting from marketing campaigns developed by marketing managers.  This information will help both marketing and purchase prediction professionals to analyse the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, test new approaches and make ongoing adjustments to continuously improve the content of those campaigns in pursuit of better results.


Job Requirements/Skills

The Big Data Wrangler will be at the hub of an analysis, implementation, measurement and adjustment cycle, helping marketing professionals improve the effectiveness of their work.  The Big Data Wrangler will require a set of skills that allows them to management the data well and help others access and analyse that information in a useful way.  It will be helpful if a Big Data Wrangler has some understanding of how Purchase Prediction Analysts and marketing managers do their jobs in order to be a more effective collaborator with these professionals and help them use the data insightfully.