In the past, cheap oil and lower wages in developing economies had drastically reduced the cost of many consumer products – to the point where the cost of repairing or refurbishing an item was usually much more than the cost of simply replacing it.   This cost equation even applied to larger items like home furnishings.  If a couch, chair or bed became worn-out or damaged, it was often cheaper to replace the item than it was to have it recovered or refinished.   In 2030, the increasing cost of transporting goods across oceans and increasing wage rates abroad as more economies become developed combined with advances in manufacturing technology (such as 3D Printing) has increased the price of imported goods (including home furnishings) while decreasing the cost of manufacturing in Canada.  At the same time, Canadians have become sensitive to the ethics and clutter of a world over-populated with “stuff”, much of it in landfills, boosting the popularity of the “renew and re-use” trend.

A Furniture Refurbishing Technician accepts delivery of furnishings to be refurbished, downloads and reviews refurbishment order specifications and oversees assembly lines or assembly groups of robots who perform the work.  The Furniture Refurbishing Technician is also trained to troubleshoot any unexpected difficulties during project execution (including, when needed, employing on-site video technology to quickly consult with the customer or interior designer and agree on a solution), maintain quality control and perform minor maintenance on their team of robots.

Canadians have become sensitive to the ethics and clutter of a world over-populated with “stuff”

Furniture Refurbishing Technicians will also work with Recyclable Design Specialists on the practical mechanics  of updating old or adding new, environmentally-friendly lighting features in furniture pieces and incorporate new enhancements such as integrated warming and communications and/or entertainment technology.

Job Requirements/Skills

A  Furniture Refurbishing Technician brings a maker mindset informed by a love for creature comforts and a fascination with the power and efficiencies of modern technology to their career.  You’ll need certification as a Furniture Refurbishing Technician where you’ll receive a well-rounded background in both the mechanics and aesthetics of furniture refurbishing in the automation age.   Customers will appreciate your combination of technical expertise and consideration for both the practical and life-enhancing roles of furniture in daily life along with your commitment to quality.